Have you ever felt lost in the skincare world and didn't know where to start? Have you ever felt like the only time you have a confidence in your skin is when you wear makeup? Have you ever felt like there are so many skincare products out there but they still failed to deliver the results you've been searching? 

We've been there too! That's why we started KBeauty Time, to empower you to transform your own skin, fell in love with your skin and feel more confident than ever. 


Who are we?

We are a young team based in Munich, Germany who are passionate about Korean skincare and empowering you to achieve your best and naturally glowing skin. After years of trying plenty of skincare products, that promised fast results, that contained harsh chemicals, we felt lost and frustrated. And then we discovered the K-beauty world.

Ever since starting a Korean beauty routine, we saw incredible transformations of the skin. The dull look, the acne and blemishes were gone. Using all the different Korean skincare products made us believers in the benefits of the Korean skincare, and we were eager to share that knowledge. 

Educating people about taking care of their skin has been an inspiration behind starting KBeauty Time. We believe skincare is a personal journey that should evolve through different life stages, styles and experiences.

Since starting KBeauty Time at 2018, we have received  so many messages from women and men from all ages and cultures who decided to try the Korean skincare routine and saw their skin and confidence transform.

Why Korean Beauty?

Korean beauty products are well known for innovation, high-efficacy, and the use of natural ingredients. Korean skin care is based on following a strict beauty regimen with several steps. Each step involves using innovative products with natural ingredients and layering them to make them more effective. Whether you suffer from acne, dry skin, or aging skin, K-Beauty products can help.

The holistic philosophy of Korean beauty focuses on improving skin from the inside out. Their belief is that a truly radiant complexion doesn’t happen overnight by simply treating the skin’s outer layers. Instead, Korean skincare concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin for lifelong results.

Want to know more?

Have questions or suggestions about Korean beauty or routines? Email us at info@kbeautytime.com We love to hear from you!